Body Art

We are total suckers for quality handcrafted, artisanal goods.

But, while we can sometimes be entranced by provenance, it’s as honest a fascination as it is practical. Should Zan have his way and we live forever, I figure it’s only smart to know not only what goes into our bodies but on them as well. (You know, to remain well preserved until we upgrade to our bionic parts.)


If you’re a label reader, you already know that too much of what we trust on our bodies is questionable at best. Lucky for us, we love to make things.

Whether it’s with a camera, a canvas or chocolate, we’re most engaged when we’re cracking cacao beans or melting wax. Maybe making things as healthy as possible can help us eek the most out of our time together?

Without further adieu, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest adventure — our personal sweet spot where craft chocolate meets limited batches of healthy, delicious body lotions and potions. Stay tuned for all things small batch and craft and, of course, chocolate.

(And who knows, maybe one day, some bionic parts too?)