It’s a breezy, 80-something-degrees and today’s sky is earnest-true-blue with bouncy-not-too-close-not-too-spread-out-clouds

I force my computer to snap a reluctant selfie to confirm that I have not been annihilated but, rather, safely living out the last of my master-planned-dreams-defered-disappointment-of-a-community-days

In recovery from a rough night, I’m too preoccupied to appreciate this enviable atmosphere, checking my phone every ten minutes for a text / DM / email / call from the Universe that might push my life, or mood, back into the light. I am certain that no sounder plan has ever been devised

(Before you judge, you should know that I already received a text from a concerned friend inquiring about my mental health and offering to chat / hang / teach me a fancy morning tea ritual)

(Also, just hung up from a promising call with a diligent lender helping me secure a mortgage by precariously stacking my life savings and retirement accounts like a fragile deck of cards in a windy tunnel)

There appears to be hope in this profane approach to life after all yet, in between avoiding work and manifesting a sign from the Universe, I Google things like “can stress make you dry heave?” and “stages of grief” to see if this pit in my stomach is from a mouth full of dental aligners or something more serious

Maybe both?

I notice an ad where I can take a quick and easy quiz to see if I suffer from “complicated grief” but I resist the urge because I’m too proud and LM (low maintenance) for this kind of advanced suffering

The internet says there are FIVE stages of grief. They are universal but not experienced in any particular order. You may not even hit them all up on your way around and around and around

So, if you also find yourself stuck in a personal purgatory, this not-new-to-me-seemingly-science-based-non-sense can be or not be for you too:



Stage 1 : Denial

A double-decker stage that blanketed this past February and the months of March / early April like a dense fog

With the assistance of hindsight, it occurs me that denial might very well be our collective natural setting, no?

Because contrary to what the news reports, being on this planet is all just so good good and, like, how can any of us afford to feel anything but gratitude when we’re living these full, shiny lives, amiright?

Still, I obligingly put an “X” in the Stage 1 box as I can no longer deny my fateful prom date with denial, wearing its heavy corsage like a badge of honor as I shuffle about, groping in the dark for a phantom partner. Oh beautiful denial, you’ll force us to follow your lead then step on our toes but we’ll probably still make out with you on the bleachers because hormones and Rom Coms and reckless optimism, etc etc


Stage 2: Anger

A bitter horse pill that remains lodged in my bone-dry throat. I used to say “I am uncomfortable with how uncomfortable I am being uncomfortable” but now I think what I really meant by that was “I am uncomfortable with how uncomfortable I am being angry”

A useless, unproductive emotion, I’ve always felt better served to sublimate that -ish into something loftier and more generous

But, fuck it

Fleeting moments of fury are starting to seep through the cracks and, you know what? My hair and biceps have never felt better so hat tip to whatever angry witchcraft is at work here and there and everywhere in my life

Don’t operate large machinery during this phase or hurt any animals / small children, but like try it on for size, I dare you


Stage 3: Bargaining

Or as I like to call it, the “If Only” stage

I don’t have lucid memories of what bargaining looked like for me as I’m pretty sure it was attached to some fairly regrettable text messages during a prolonged period of insomnia. Downright mortifying for my bruised and battered ego but, also, fuck that too

YOLO and LOL and my bad

That said, in my professional grieving opinion, I recommend you avoid bargaining altogether because it’s the ugly crying of all these stages and, let’s be frank, nobody wants that


Stage 4: Depression

The internet reports that depression comes in two flavors. Apparently, the second is more subtle and more private, a “quiet preparation to separate and bid farewell”

This is my definition of depression: not knowing WTF and waiting to know WTF…

The internet also says, “Sometimes all we really need is a hug”

I have no talent for soaking in ambiguity until my fingers grow pruny. I’m a newly fragile little spoon lacking a respectable big spoon but I’m also so much more than that, ya feel me?

As a general rule, I employ Stage 1 tactics to reboot myself back into action as onward and upward we go go GO!

In summation: Don’t overthink it — or think at all — and you’ll do fine


Stage 5: Acceptance

This phase is marked by withdrawal and calm

Wait, what? That doesn’t sound amazing

This is not a “period of happiness” yet “distinguished from depression…” What’s a soul to do?

Personally, I write it out. I start and stop, and start and stop, and start again. I leave behind weird evidence of this crooked journey replete with unruly thoughts, lacking pretense or a filter, so that I might look back someday to avoid free falling into an avoidable pattern

Sure, it’s rarely coherent but resistance is, as they say, futile



Of course, none of this is even remotely helpful as my Fear of Annihilation continues to grow so I return to my steadfast laptop

Now I Google “Ambiguous Loss,” a term I heard relationship therapist, Esther Perel use on a podcast called “The Erotic Is an Antidote to Death” (far less salacious than I’d hoped)

My current #womancrush, Esther’s work is changing our discourse about coupledom. Eroticism is more than just a description of sexuality

She believes it’s an essential ingredient to life and how we connect to ALIVENESS / VIBRANCY / VITALITY / RENEWAL

Spiritual. Mystical. Life.

And just like that I am a soft kid in a hard candy store, distracted by sexy sounding words that seduce with a sugary promise

So I Google “eroticism” to see what the Universe has in store for me

Because YOLO and LOL

and my bad

On View


A collection of my latest drawings and paintings is on display at Hodges Taylor in Charlotte, NC through April 2018. The installation, “Planning for Mutually Assured Seduction,” is part of an ongoing series that explores a real and persistent preoccupation with desire, order, progress and work.

“Planning” is on view alongside select gallery artists and will open in conjunction with a featured exhibition from Louisiana-based sculptor, Kevin Kennedy.



Opening Reception Feb 2 from 6–8pm

HODGES TAYLOR   /  118 East Kingston Ave, Ste 16, CLT



Art, Party


A collection of my latest, New Mexico-inspired drawings and paintings will make their debut at a two-day exhibition hosted at Gallery 5 (above) in Old Town, Rock Hill this November. For those of you not interested in torturous suspense, follow along on Instagram as I continue to post sneak peeks in the coming weeks.



Admission to the sale is free and open to the public

Fri, Nov 17 + Sat, Nov 18 / 11am–7pm
131 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC



The new series will be displayed alongside work from accomplished painters Harriet Marshall Goode and Tom Stanley. In addition to impressive careers as working artists, both Harriet and Tom are steadfast arts advocates. The holiday sale will be a perfect opportunity to add work from these significant artists to your collection.



The holiday sale will be part of Old Town’s 2nd Annual Art Party, a 3-day celebration of visual and performing arts in South Carolina’s first state-recognized cultural district. From November 16–18, local and regional artists will showcase their work at locations throughout Old Town Rock Hill, SC including a juried exhibition, open artist studios, a special performance by XOXO plus workshops and seminars.