Raising the Bar

We first proclaimed our infatuation with small batch craft chocolate almost 6 months ago to the day. Since then, we’ve traveled far and wide tasting our brains out.

From hopping on every chocolate factory tour we could find, to soldiering through bitter test batches in our own kitchen, craft chocolate has proved to be a worthy seductress.

Since making our own chocolate is as much about process as it is indulgence, we finally agreed that the grainy rustic chocolate we were inevitably concocting left much to be desired. Unlike cheap, commercially produced chocolate, our bars contain only cacao beans, cocoa butter and sugar. Getting a smooth consistency without the aid of equipment or additives (like soy lecithin — it just sounds nasty!) was nearly impossible.

With the holidays upon us we treated ourselves to an early / nerdy Christmas present, a melanger. The machine contains granite stone rollers that rotate on a granite slab refining the particles of sugar and cocoa to less than 20 microns. In English, it takes our chocolate’s texture from sand to smooth.

Armed with our shiny new melanger, we used our final batch of Dominican Republic beans (courtesy of the fine folks at Fruition Chocolate), kraft paper, gold wash tape and a little DIY magic for some homemade holiday gift-giving. (Can someone pug bomb me, please?)

The result? It’s too soon to tell. There’s just always so much more chocolate tasting to be done, ya know? For now, happy batch craft chocolate from our cacao-obsessed kitchen to yours!



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