Pacific NW


Remember those posts where I took you with us in words and pictures as we circled the States?

Well, this is not one of those posts.

Our trip around the Pacific Northwest — three weeks by car from San Francisco to Seattle and back — was solid. Much to see and do and eat (duh), but too much to capture. Harder still to share.

Here’s what I’ve got…





So many amazing murals plus the classic “walking from behind” shot. We urban-hiked 35 miles in two days. Not enough to avoid the curse of vegan junk food that was soon to overtake us…

Below, Mount Shasta somewhere en route from San Francisco, CA to Eugene, OR.



we’re in oregon now!


Dinner at Eugene’s infamous Cornbread Cafe for afore-mentioned “comfort” food. Some of the things we stuffed into ourselves (plus so much more we’re too embarrassed to say we ate in one sitting…)



portland-I-A, oregon


All things funky and delicious in Portland, OR. Plus wild artichokes growing in people’s yards. This is not a joke.

I’m not really that into plants and such but, when I die, I want to come back as just about any type of flora that grows in the Pacific Northwest.

Just kidding. I’m never going to die.



Seattle, WA / Where Frasier lives, according to my mom

{ plus a nearby hidden waterfall }



All things nature via Canon Beach, OREGON



heading south to Yachats, ORegon

{ pronounced Ya-Hots! }


< PSA >

Don’t be one of those assholes that disturbs the natural landscape to erect a cairn that means absolutely nothing / leads to absolutely nowhere.

I’m filing this in the same spot as “Leave the wild pony skeleton under the rock where you found it, asshole.”

< / PSA >



Point Reyes, CA


Back in California for gale force winds along the national seashore.

Let’s pretend I wrote you a legit blog about this trip but that it was blown away at sea and that I promise to do better next time, mmk?





My first, functional months outside a studio setting proved more exhilarating than I could have dreamed. Many mornings I was awake before dawn. Even — gasp! — in the depths of winter, pulled from a warm bed into the studio to make, make, make

By Spring, I would find myself in Ecuador’s rainforest meeting with new ‘friends in the making’ and hatching plans to expand our creative circles.

Fast-forward to September and here I sit, tucked away in the desert of New Mexico, in a tiny casita. My quiet, cozy home for the next month overflowing with natural light, an enviable book collection and uninterrupted time to make, make, make …