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Some of you may recall the 30 x 30 misnomer that we fessed up to a few weeks back. Well, I'm hoping that just as you granted us that small admission, you'll indulge us for blog #29 — Cacao.

Oddly enough, the trajectory of this trip just happened to follow along a path of some of America's top small batch, bean to bar artisan chocolate makers. Imagine that? With a little planning, we were able to visit five shops / small factories in all — three of which we were able to tour. Yum-o!



Warning: Below is a very short list of the makers pictured in the photo above. 

Should you get sucked into this world, be prepared to spend an inordinate amount of your food budget on these decadent creations. 

( Also, be prepared to thank us someday as you circle the globe eating finely crafted cacao.)



Austin, TX
Great Bean Chocolate

San Francisco, CA
Dandelion Chocolate

Denver, CO
Ritual Chocolate

Nashville, TN 
Olive & Sinclair*

Asheville, NC
French Broad Chocolates

* Also pictured: Sea Salt & Vinegar and Duck Fat Caramels. Yeah, you read that right.


A few of the bars above were collected along the way at either progressive whole food type stores or specialty cafés. Since these folks were not located along our route, it's likely they'll make the short, Google map list as we plot out the next cross-country adventure. Seriously, it's a tough job, but...



Boise, ID
Agami Raw Maya

For a more comprehensive list visit this devotee.



And, finally, our apologies to the other, sacrificial bars that were devoured along the road. While you were unable to make it to the final photo shoot — be proud — you were delicious just the same. 

Cheers y'all, now go eat you some chocolatey goodness in celebration of International Chocolate Day!


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