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If you looked up the "Top 10 Things To Do" in Nashville, TN, I would safely bet that we missed most everything on the list...

We did not frequent honky tonk bars, pay homage to the Man in Black or even pop in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I suppose the same could pretty much be said for most of the places that we visited along the way. None of which is to suggest that we are too good for a good time, or too self-absorbed to appreciate the history that surrounds us, it just happens to be our most natural way of moving through the world.

I've come to realize that we seldom seek out experiences that force us to be queued up, in line or on a bus. We rarely visit Will Call booths (though Kate Bush's recent return to the stage forced me into panic mode a few weeks ago) or belly up to bars. And, when we have a choice, we often choose seclusion over stadiums leaving World Record Waves to the masses.

Nashville was the last multi-day stay of an intense month-long journey. I could count on one hand the number of mornings we slept past 8am and required no fingers at all to mark the time we spent in front of a TV. Minus those spent working, we spent each moment venturing out in search of new.

After 27 days on the road, we needed a place to quiet our minds. We were surprised and thankful to find the city filled with such an enviable selection of nooks and crannies worth escaping to.

The obvious Top Ten aside, Nashville is an enchanting city. Culture and history and fashion intersect in a seamless, almost magical way. A classy, grown-up city that can relax and party with equal skill.

But whatever you go to Nashville in search of, after 27 days on the road, it tops our list as a welcome refuge for headlong travelers.

Thanks Nashville, we owe you one!


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