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We had done a terrible job of eating whatever food a city was famous for while we were actually still in said city. By the time we hit St. Louis we had only one solid week of the trip left and were determined to make up for that. 

But, by the time we hit St. Louis we were like, "what's St. Louis famous for?" "Is it famous for anything?" "It must be famous for something. Right?"

Cutting to the chase, I think it's sort of famous for barbecue. Well, they at least have their own kind of barbecue sauce so...

When we arrived at a joint called Sugarfire Smoke House we ordered a plate of ribs to share and a dessert of our own.

We destroyed the ribs in record time.

Then we ordered a second lunch.

Not entirely full, but too proud to order a third lunch, we left our partially man-handled sides behind and grabbed the remainder of dessert and hit the road.


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