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Lucky Denver. Located in the same state as the San Juan National Forest and all the gorgeousness it contains. In the same state as Snooze and Little Man Ice Cream and Linger and too many other things I'm too lazy to recount.

Lucky for us, after three weeks on the road, we had a perfect place to crash — sleeping in and sleeping hard. We worked — early mornings and late into the night. We had great meals — both in and out. We even caught up with friends we hadn't seen in years — the amount of which are still up for debate.

And then luckily, in a matter of minutes, we were able to return to fresh air and stillness and the most lovely outdoors.

We returned to the nature — well, more of a mixture of nature and man doing their best to co-habitat with one another — as we spent an afternoon hiking around Red Rocks.

Full of musicians and fitness buffs and nature lovers alike, Red Rocks seemed a fitting place attempting to marry the best of what Denver has to offer.




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