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Exiting from the East, we left the elevated, overabundance of living matter in Yosemite's Valley and entered into a land nearly vacant of life. We wound passed sand dunes and cracked earth, descending through Owens Valley until we were below sea level.

My eyes were wide open but my mind was closing down. Beyond these fleeting moments, there would be no way to share this. Death Valley would likely remain lost somewhere between the grandeur of Yosemite's sequoias and lakes and peaks and the unapologetic vices of Sin City.

I suppose there's a certain point in every trip like this where you learn to make peace with the fact that it’s impossible to express the beauty of every moment.

No matter how many hours we spend capturing images and weaving tales, somehow we know that much of it will inevitably escape the telling.

For those special, private moments (hey, mind out of the gutters people) we’ve agreed to content ourselves with mental snapshots (I said out!)…

Of course, as we leave the shutters of our cerebral cameras open, we also make promises that we’ll come back when there’s enough time to properly see and do and record

But lately I've been bothered by the math...

If you stop for a moment to add it up, (go ahead, we’ll wait) you quickly realize that there's no way to experience all the places you’ve always dreamt of going. Even if you could afford to travel to a new destination a few times a year, you still wouldn’t begin to scratch the surface of all the beauty worth beholding.

I know there are a lot of things that I will leave this world having never accomplished. I’m likely not going to be the front woman of a legendary rock band or defy science and grow to be what I consider my predestined height (5’5” if you’re wondering). 

But when it comes to witnessing some of the most amazing places this Earth has to offer alongside Zan (duh) — well, I can't help but try.


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