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In neither our real, or imaginary life, would we be considered fearless or feisty. I mean, it’s not like we circumnavigated the globe at 14 or sprinted through all 2,181 miles of the Appalachian Trail… Without a reckless bone in our collective bodies, I’d say our tolerance level for risk hovers somewhere at 3-3.5.

So why then should we bother to blog? What's even remotely interesting about a middle-aged, married couple traipsing around the States for a month?

Maybe we are just using social media to brag like everyone else in the world. What better way to make you less satisfied with your life? Or maybe Warren Beaty is right and we’re just full of ourselves like Madonna, unable to perform unless the moment is being recorded for the masses...

Whatever it appears to be from the outside, one thing is for sure — keeping a regular blog of any kind is a ton of work, an effort that quickly slides into oblivion if you're not up for the challenge.

After the rigors of blogging through Italy, we had some decisions to make, the first being whether we'd even try to do it again. The second, and more important, was what form would it take, who are we doing it for and why would we even put in the countless hours...

After weeks of questioning our motivations, we emerged from those conversations with a new resolve to continue this personal journal.

First and foremost, we wanted it for ourselves, as a way to look back on this time in our life fondly. To be sure these posts are honest and true, we work hard to photograph (check out our Ventura gallery for more) and write as though no one but us will ever look at them.

But we also do it to give back to the universe of bloggers and hosts that have opened up and shared their world to move, inspire and educate us. (We may be trolls but we are generous trolls, thank you very much.)

Last, but certainly not least, we do it for our friends and family that we cannot take along. While it can sometimes be difficult to articulate who we are from the same vantage point, it's an attempt to bring them closer to our way of seeing the world.

We are not different. We are not special. Depending on how you look at it, we have simply chosen to make different sacrifices than most and we are fortunate and thankful to be able to honor these priorities.

Without much consequence, we make choices of all shapes and sizes along the way. I'm glad that one of them has been in the form of recording our adventure in these pages.

Perhaps you can find a little bit of something for yourself while you're here...


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