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30 x 30 CONFESSION: Now is as good a time as any to admit that this trip is neither 30 days long, nor does it involve a different city per day. I’ll confess that my obsessive need for structure, combined with a shameless attempt at self-promotion, has given rise to this subtle misnomer. 

Lunch at  Local Foods  in Houston, TX.

Lunch at Local Foods in Houston, TX.

To be more precise, the trip is going to take us 31 days from start to finish and we will refuel at / camp out in / grab a meal at / tour around / get lost in and / or call home closer to four dozen cities when it’s all said and done. 

In regard to the blog, however, the plan remains somewhat intact — while we may only spend a few hours in some cities and enjoy others for closer to a week — we’ll share the top 30 that we’re most excited about over the span of a month.

" Geometric Mouse X"  by Claes Oldenburg

"Geometric Mouse X" by Claes Oldenburg

Since all of our stays are booked ahead of time (airbnb, B&B or camping), we’re working hard to strike a balance between sticking to a plan and surrendering to spontaneity. The only rule is that divergence is fair game as long as we’re able to make it to our next destination on time. 

With that in mind, we’ve already hurried through, or completely passed by, a few cities that we initially planned to visit (sorry Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio) and we’ve already reconfigured our route to take in a few unexpected areas that sounded too weird to pass up (hello Marfa)!

The photos from this “2. Houston” post reflect an abbreviated lunch stop. The city (4th largest in the US) was worlds away from our experience in New Orleans in almost every sense and I’m not sure we were ready for the juxstaposition. 

Houston was gigantic, shiny and hyper clean but it just didn’t feel right once we arrived. Perhaps we weren’t ready to replace the mushy feelings we had from NOLA with new ones. Or perhaps we were just too excited to be moving again to linger anywhere for too long. Either way, one thing was for certain — Austin was our next stay and it came with some very high expectations. 

As we sped along Hwy 290 headed West, we were ready for whatever lied ahead…


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