Bight Beach, Turks and Caicos

After circling the country this summer, we wanted our next adventure to provide a radical change of pace. Rather than hopping from one destination to the next, we challenged ourselves to stay planted in a single spot for the duration.

With the best of intentions, we set up guidelines for this expat experiment...


1. Stay as long as possible      2. Choose a warm spot      3. Embrace the siesta

Last week we arrived at our airbnb condo / home away from home / remote office / second studio. Four days later, we're settled into The Bight Beach, the sleepier, quiet cousin of neighboring Grace Bay, eagerly securing our daily dose of sunshine and rest.

As we settle into our long, 42-day exposure to this glowing, gentle place, the trade winds unfurl a newfound serenity that surrounds the promises of this past year in a contented clarity.

With the new year upon us, we remain equal parts thankful and humble as we imagine the dreams we've yet to conceive.


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