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(Spoiler Alert! You might want to start with Day 1 to follow this trip from the beginning...)


For those of you new to this blog — which includes everyone, including us, since the site is less than a week old — we are putting the best of our images from Italy in separate galleries on this site.  When you get a minute, it's totally worth checking out Zan's photos from around the city of Milan and pictures of things we ate during our visit. Just a head's up that we'll do the same for each city as we go along. Prego.

Now, for the would be travelers out there following along, I decided it was time to share some advice. Since David Letterman and I share a birthday (What? You didn't know I was born in 1947? Psshh...), I thought it only appropriate to do so in the form of a satirical late night talk show list.

Official Top 10 List of Unofficial Things WE Learned About Milan:


  1. Most Milanese chain smoke like fiends. If you're not into inhaling smoke anytime you are outdoors (you know, trying to enjoy nature or whatevs) it can sorta be a bummer.
  2. Everyone in Milan is, on the whole, super fashionable. And I mean everyone, even kids and super old people. I realize it's the world's fashion mecca and all but dang, does no one in Milan have a bad sense of style?
  3. The Milanese are, for the most part, super skinny (see # 1 & 2) and some are unexpectedly tall.
  4. They don't leave or expect tips after meals. I hear this is true for all of Italy so, yeah, I can get used to that. (See #5.)
  5. You pay more to sit at a restaurant or cafe versus just standing at the bar to drink your espresso. It's called a "coperto" or a "cover charge."
  6. No one gets out of your way when you're walking down the street, getting on or off the bus, entering / leaving a cafe, etc, etc. (Side note: I'd actually like to apply this to all Europeaners and / or people that live in big cities. Geesh.)
  7. They like their graffiti… I mean they really like their graffiti. Some of it is actually pretty good.
  8. They speak better English then we (Americans) speak Italian. Some even speak better English than us period.
  9. They prefer bikes and scooters and motorcycles to cars. Sometimes they even ride them on the sidewalks. Fast.
  10. Breakfast here makes places like IHOP seem funny. It doesn't exist like it does in the states — a simple pastry and espresso will suffice. Lunch, however, is a big deal and dinner doesn't really get hopping until 9pm. Or you can forget eating altogether and just chain smoke all day (see #1-3.) You decide.


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