As lifelong artists, everything influences—
and is an expression of — our making



Batch is the lovechild of artists Tamara LaValla and Zan Maddox. 

Since meeting two decades ago, we’ve worked side by side as a married couple in a variety of creative capacities — from award-winning news artists to gallery owners to partners of a successful design studio.

Batch celebrates our love affair with art and food and the places they take us. From exploring a new country, a blank canvas or small batch chocolate, we are excited to share these adventures with you as we craft and curate our own intentional path.




We believe in extraordinary, full lives that extend beyond a traditional art career. While art and chocolate might seem an unexpected pairing, both require heavy doses of curiosity, ingenuity, tenacity and craft. Rather than placing limits on our making, we value the experimentation and discovery from both studio and kitchen in equal measure.




Thank you for being the kind of person that makes it to the bottom of an “about” page. You know? We appreciate your curious mind. Wherever your path leads, you can find us here as insatiable and inspired as ever.



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