Batch 10

Our limited edition, Batch 10 chocolate bars pair nutty, floral cacao from Ecuador’s Camino Verde with ingredients — hand-picked by yours truly — during a recent trip to origin. Featuring:

  • 75% Coffee + Nib
  • 75% Dragon Fruit
  • 75% Dark

IN studio


Thrilled to add my newest body of artwork, “Myopic,” to our online shop. This series of drawings and paintings abandons a reliance on ones and zeros in pursuit of precious, tangible artifacts that are both timely and timeless. Exploring ritual, order, learning and growth, I attempt to transform myself into the kind of human I want to be.





We travel far and wide to stoke our creative fires and bring a new perspective to our making.

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As lifelong artists, everything influences — and is an expression of — our making. From exploring a new country to walking in the wild to crafting small batch chocolate, we are excited to share these crafted and curated endeavors with you.

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