My latest, New Mexico-inspired drawings and paintings are for sale at Gallery 5 alongside work from Harriet Goode and Tom Stanley through the first week of January. If you’re interested in a private viewing and / or purchasing art, please contact the gallery at (803) 327-4746 or by email to schedule an appointment.



Batch 11

Our newest edition of bars is Sold Out online but you can still visit the following Charlotte hot spots to get your Batch chocolate fix!




This year’s 5-day Mujeres Milagros Chocolate Retreat celebrates The Art of Chocolate at the elegant Hacienda Doña Andrea in NM. Together we’ll explore the creative process within the chocolate world through mindful conversation, intentional bonding and nurturing food. Join us as we pay homage to the miraculous women who craft, champion and enrich our world through the magic of cacao!


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Batch celebrates my love affair with art and food and the places they take me.
Whether exploring a new countrycanvas or chocolate, I’m eager to share my crafted + curated adventures with you.