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Batch chocolate is The love child of OCD artist, and sometimes chocolate maker, Tamara LaValla

As a lifelong artist, everything influences — and is an expression of — my making.

I believe in a full, extraordinary life that extends beyond a traditional art career and enjoy the collaboration between my studio and kitchen.
While art and chocolate may seem an unexpected pairing, both require curiosity, ingenuity, tenacity and craft.




To satisfy a demanding sweet tooth (teeth?) and a desire to indulge more mindfully, I embraced the challenge of making healthy desserts from scratch. One day, after making a batch of dark chocolate almond butter cups (with store-bought chips) the question, “Where does chocolate come from?” drove me to internet where I discovered, similar to coffee and craft beer before it, we were in the midst of a chocolate renaissance! Eager to learn more about what I put in (and on) my body, I began to visit makers around the world. Soon enough, I was obsessed with the idea of learning to make chocolate for myself.



and the rest is history...

The first batch of bean-to-bar chocolate was crafted in early 2014 and Batch is currently one of only two bean-to-bar makers in South Carolina. Inspired by a new generation of artisans, my passionately crafted, small batch chocolate includes only natural ingredients and the best direct trade cacao in the world. I roast, refine and age each micro batch from a home-based kitchen then sign and number every bar.

I release 2 batches per year plus an occasional collaborative edition. Once an edition sells out, it is gone for good.




My happy place is making chocolate that I want to devour. Once I select our cacao beans, I then choose inclusions (if any) that complement or highlight the natural flavors found in the cacao. I often explore new regions of the world for inspiration but it’s also very important for me to partner with local makers. Releases have proudly featured collaborations with:

Pure Intentions Coffee (Charlotte, NC)
Free Range Brewing (Charlotte, NC)
Bulls Bay Saltworks (Charleston, SC)
The Chefs Farmer (Shelby, NC)
Dover Vineyards (Concord, NC)



how can i buy / sell your chocolate?

Inventory (both art and bars) is limited but I’m all about sharing Batch love with
savvy retailers that enjoy my work. Please hit me up if you are interested in carrying products.
In the meantime, visit my favorite Charlotte shops to buy your bars:

Covet Atelier
Free Range Brewing
Undercurrent Coffee




Orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority Mail and take 2–3 days. Cost depends on the weight and destination of your order. To determine cost, simply add an item to your cart and shipping will be calculated prior to check out.




Everything, all at once, forever more.