Part science, part art, the process of tempering chocolate requires as much patience and intuition as it does technique. A badly tempered batch results in streaks and striations referred to as bloom.

After pushing through a laborious chocolate-making process, bloomed chocolate is generally an unwelcome sign of failure. Yet, by it’s very definition, I sort of love how hope can be found even in the face of defeat.



bloom: to flourish or thrive.



With each new batch, bloom is what we’re striving to avoid in our chocolate and what we aspire to achieve for ourselves as makers. 

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin.

There’s a kind of poetic justice to that, don’t you think?


In between tossing delicate pillows of dough and hair raising black bear encounters, we’ve managed to churn out teeny tiny batches of chocolate in our trusty test kitchen for more than a year.

Truth be told, we officially registered Batch Craft as an entity that makes chocolate, and chocolate products, this past April. Wanna hear something wild?

were the only* bean to bar chocolate makers in the state of South Carolina!

What does this mean for us?

Well, since our creative plates are already full with Social, and our social calendar booked with JMT training hikes, we’re embracing a small batch approach.

We only intend to produce and sell in small batches. Think of it less like Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and more like an artist releasing a new, limited edition print to faithful collectors.

Bars will be handcrafted, signed & numbered and in high demand. (wink)

What does this mean for you? 

After a few more months of tasting and tweaking, we plan to release our bars into the wild, for sampling and sale, before the new year.

As you can imagine, were a little beside ourselves but wed really love to know what you think. Does it sound like a plan for sweet success or as wild as Mr. Wonka himself?

*As far as we know / according to countless internet searches.


At the risk of having my parents Italian card revoked, I must confess that we never ate gnocchi growing up. In fact, I still struggle to pronounce the word correctly.

I know, first world problemsI know...

For those of trapped under the same rock, the best way to describe the amazingness that is gnocchi is as follows:

Imagine your most favorite meaty, yet moist, cut pasta.

Now imagine that said pasta goes out and gets a big, voluptuous, starchy potato pregnant.

(Go with it.)

Together their union would result in mind blowing, life altering, phenomenal gnocchi babies.

They are, quite frankly, the Brangelina of dumplings.

While I cant remember the first time that I had gnocchi, I’ll never forget the first time I enjoyed the first plate Zan and I made together.

Mind blowing. Kinda like when Ted learned that he wasnt allergic to bacon. Life altering.